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Hemp is a wonder plant, so let’s recognise that with an emoji!

Hemp is a hot plant in 2021, and its popularity is growing. Hemp is a truly powerful plant, capable of saving the world from climate disaster. An acre of hemp can absorb 9 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in just one season. And the products made from hemp, such as fuels and plastics, can displace oil from our lives altogether. Hemp can also be used to make nutritious foods, sustainable fabrics, even hempcrete for housing construction.

We want a hemp leaf emoji to be part of the emoji alphabet

The emoji alphabet has become a new language, a new way to communicate. A picture can replace many words, and we can invent new meanings for pictures. Emojis are easy, and they’re fun. So, as emojis become an ever more important language, we want hemp to be part of the conversation. Hemp is a key part of the future for a sustainable world, one with nature at its heart. Unicode, the organisation that decides on emojis, is not accepting new emoji submissions until 02 April 2021. We aim to send our submission for a hemp leaf emoji on that date. Are you ready to help?

Here’s how you can help our hemp leaf emoji campaign

Read the submission criteria here: http://www.unicode.org/emoji/proposals.html

Key to a successful submission is an understanding of, and complete representation of, inclusion factors. These are the Unicode Emoji inclusion factors:

Selection factors — Inclusion. A section that addresses all Selection Factors for Inclusion, and provides evidence as to what degree the proposed character would satisfy that factor.

  1. Compatibility
  2. Expected usage level
    1. Frequency (must have separate evidence for each proposed emoji)
      • B.1.a Google Search
      • B.1.b Bing Search
      • B.1.c Google Video Search
      • B.1.d Google Trends: Web Search
      • B.1.e Google Trends: Image Search
    2. Multiple usages
    3. Use in sequences
    4. Breaking new ground
  3. Distinctiveness
  4. Completeness

So we need to supply a comprehensive set of data that shows that hemp is growing in popularity and that the hemp leaf emoji would be a useful addition to the emoji alphabet. We also need to design the emoji and submit with the proposal.

If you’re ready to contribute to this campaign, drop us a line at hello@readathriller.com and we’ll open up our shared submission doc to you. Let’s do this!


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