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We need you to do us a favor, and help fix the world

We believe in surveys, as they are a valuable tool to learn about how we can get people to work together to help fix the world. Your opinion really matters to us. Your opinion can make a difference.

Cannabis legalisation in Ireland survey

We’re working to get cannabis legalised in Ireland and worldwide. We’d appreciate your views, whether you agree or disagree with our position. We’re also pushing for global reform. The UN is planning to vote on the removal of cannabis from the global dangerous drugs register in December 2020. We’ll send our survey results to the UN, and encourage you to make your opinion heard also.

Sustainable living/online shopping survey

What do you buy online? What would you like to buy online? Tell us.

Bottled water survey

Do you feel guilty about plastic waste when you buy bottled water, or do you only drink mains tap water? We want to know.

The Human Condition survey

Getting deep here, trying to figure out the universal truths about being human.

Next steps to fix the world

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Gary J Byrnes

By Gary J Byrnes

Gary J Byrnes is a bestselling thriller writer by night and a tech marketing guy by day. Extensive international experience in software startups, SMEs and multinationals. Find on LinkedIn. Has researched hemp, climate change for over twenty years. Writer, blogger, parent, animal lover. 2022 is about building a new business model to enable mass planting of hemp through easy carbon offsetting at Hempoffset.com.