Why the world needs America to fire Trump

Be the pebble, make some ripples

Fire Trump: The US Presidential Election 2020 poses an existential threat to the planet


A worsening climate crisis is one of the more visible legacies of Trump’s failures. If the US electorate doesn’t fire Trump, we are literally going to hell in a handbasket, brimming with anxiety and despair. We encourage all Americans to use their vote on or before Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Here are our top 5 reasons to fire President Trump…

1. Climate crisis

One of Trump’s first actions as President was to quit the US from the Paris Climate Treaty, our best chance of pulling back from the 2 degrees C global temperature rise that will ruin the world. Many US states have signed up to the Paris Treaty unilaterally, and China is by far the world’s biggest polluter, but US leadership on climate solutions is desperately needed. Trump just looks after his rich pals in the oil industry, and Saudi Arabia.

2. Black Lives Matter

Trump’s abject failure to understand the public mood of America in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, combined with his promotion of white supremacy and racial conspiracies, makes him a ticking race war timebomb. Tick, tock…

3. Pandemic

Okay, we all hoped the virus would just magically disappear. But we’re not all eight.

4. Sleaze

Everything around Trump just reeks of sleaze. That stale smell of beer and BO and models and despair you get in a nightclub when the party’s over. In Trump’s case, those could’ve been underage models, don’t forget about his Epstein connections. Maybe we’ll never know. The party is over for Trump in the US when he loses, but he’ll be welcome in Russia, maybe building a casino in Crimea, or Saudi Arabia, where the cruel desert is being greened for golfers.

5. The economy, stupid

People literally cannot work. Not their fault. Life or death. All that. Unprecedented. Biggest economic shock ever. Yeah. So why not use the economy for its intended purpose: enabling the people? Trump just wants to play the markets, build an extreme, neocon capitalist playground that sees human beings and the planet as disposable, where everything has a price tag, and value is removed from the very air that we breathe. Plus, looks like Trump never made a cent as a real-life ‘business guru’. Even though he started off with a silver foot in his mouth…

There are probably 20 more good reasons. So, please do the world a favor, America. Whatever the outcome, we respect American democracy. Just be sure to vote. And be sure to Fire Trump.


Breaking news update, 07 November 2020:

Thank you, America! You fired Trump! More to follow…


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