What’s the Big Idea?

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You hear it. The noise

Without a big idea in your brand, marketing and advertising, you are wasting time and money, and you are boring your audience. Pretty much all advertising these days is dull, doing nothing for the brand, merely adding to the noise. And the amount of media noise that we are subjected to daily keeps growing, so the Big Idea is becoming more important every day. In fact, it’s essential.

The power of the big idea

When your brand, marketing strategy and individual campaigns are driven by big ideas, it becomes so much easier to connect with your customers. Big ideas can come in many forms, from wordplay to combining two ideas that have never been used together before. So how do you judge a big idea? I go with David Ogilvy’s criteria, as Ogilvy is credited with devising the concept.


At the end of the day, remember another Ogilvy quote: “Big ideas are usually simple ideas.” And big ideas are not limited to marketing: they drive the most engaging popular culture, and the stories that keep us interested in the world. Think about the books, movies, ads and cultural icons that stand out in your mind, that resonate, that connect; they are all built upon big ideas.

Now stop adding to the noise, cut through it.




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Mad Men agency Sterling Cooper is said to be based on the Ogilvy ad agency.

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