Tools to calculate CO2 emission and offset

Be the pebble

Our aim at Readathriller is to give you the tools that make it easy for you to calculate your carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and then offset the emissions by planting hemp. Right now, every purchase from our sustainable hemp marketplace means a hemp plant planted. Keep an eye on us as we add more tools, and build out a complete experience, so that you can offset your CO2 emissions in real-time, and profit from it! You help save the planet, the planet benefits, then you profit! Win, win, win! Be sure to share these tools on your favourite social channels so that our network effect becomes a real climate solution, potentially the climate change solution.

Calculate your annual CO2 and how to offset it

Calculate your daily CO2 and get carbon-positive with ease

Tool to help you calculate flight emissions

Read more about flight shaming

Tool to help you calculate meat CO2 footprint


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