Three reasons to believe in a better world: US election, vaccine, puppies Sadie and Archie

Be the pebble, make some ripples

Everything is better after America fired Trump, a vaccine was announced, and our dog Sadie got a little puppy pal, Archie

It’s been quite the roller coaster these past days! Or ‘end times’ as lots of Christian folks are calling November 2020. But, how could this be the biblical End of Days, when we have Sadie and Archie? The US presidential election went off okay, Biden was leading 10-12% in the polls, so imagine my surprise when I turned on CNN the morning after, around 7:30 am Dublin time, 2:30 am Eastern US, to hear Trump had just claimed victory! I almost choked on my coconut and almond milk, porridge oats and banana smoothie. Thankfully, that was just more of Trump’s legendary ‘fake news’. The vote for Biden kept growing and he was announced as the winner on Saturday afternoon my time. He won Arizona, flipped Georgia too. At the time of writing, Biden has 306 electoral votes, Trump just 232. It’s game over.

Abby Phillip, part of the fab CNN team (that stayed calmer and cooler than me) with Wolf Blitzer, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper and many more. Thank you!

Biden and Harris for a better America and a better world

And there was dancing in the streets, literally. This is huge. With Kamala Harris becoming the first woman ever elected to the second-highest office in the USA, a lot of equality boxes got ticked. And fair play to Joe Biden, whose ancestors came from Ireland, quoting poet Seamus Heaney with his ‘hope for a great sea-change’. The climate will benefit immediately when the US rejoins the Paris Climate Agreement, and provide leadership, technology and imagination as the world works fast to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) while offsetting current emissions (such as by planing hemp at scale, our goal here at Readathriller). They will certainly do much better on equality, and also at handling the pandemic. The US 2020 election looks sure to down in history as a huge win for the progress of all humanity. Joe and Kamala’s enormous work starts now. But everyone needs to pitch in, so let’s do this!

The deserted National Gallery (at left) in a scarily quiet Dublin city centre at 5pm on Saturday, November 14, 2020, during Ireland’s second national pandemic lockdown.

Here comes the vaccine! Just stick it in me!

Okay, so this need to store the vaccine at -70C thing is a bit weird. Like, why does anything need to be stored at such an extreme low? It’s less than the temperature of space, so what can that be about? What we can expect is lots of completely dystopian, military operations to inject people at scale, using an extremely cold drug. What do you mean it sounds like a movie? Look, as long as they don’t insist on planting a microchip with the vaccine, “you know, for verification,” sign me up. Anything to be able to get on a plane again. News, just this week, that the vaccine will start to distribute this side of Christmas 2020!


Puppy heart eyes! Sadie the Bernese meets Archie the miniature dachshund

Puppies can change your heart. When Sadie, our five-year-old, adorable Bernese Mountain Dog, met Archie, a fifteen-week-old miniature dachshund puppy, it was puppy love at first sight. A lot of people have been able to love pets: puppies, kittens, rescue dogs and cats, and a hundred more kinds of adorable animal, to help get through a crazy year. And we appreciate that more now, I believe. Sadie and Archie show love, affection and kindness at a very small, local scale. And we can use this to propel us to something more. If you can get a pet, do. If you can’t right now, maybe you will soon. In the meantime, there’s a reason the internet is full of cute cat and dog pictures, lol:

Update, Nov 19, 2020: We have a second effective vaccine, one that doesn’t need to kept colder than space, and potentially a third coming soon.

Sadie and Archie don’t have this dude’s skills. Yet!

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The temperature of space. It varies.

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