The heat is on! 2020 was the joint hottest year ever!

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As if we didn’t need any more reminding, the world is getting hotter

2020 joins 2016 as the joint hottest year on Earth on record. With alarming heatwaves, forest fires and a record 29 tropical storms in the Atlantic, the average global temperature was 1.25C above the pre-industrial temperature (1850-1900). We are inching ever-closer to the 1.5C temperature rise that will bring significant climate emergencies, and the 2C rise that will spell almost certain disaster.

Will you listen to Brad Pitt, at least?

The pandemic hasn’t helped much

Even though the burning of fossil fuels dropped by 7% in 2020 due to Covid-19 lockdowns, heat-trapping carbon dioxide – CO2 – has continued to build up in the atmosphere. The answer is to plant a billion acres of hemp, to absorb 9 Gigatons (9 billion tons) of CO2 from the atmosphere each year, about a quarter of our CO2 emissions. This will buy us time as we build a carbon-neutral world, switching from a global economy based on oil, weapons and death to one based on plants, sustainable economies and a better life for all.

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