Adam and Eve: The greatest lie prevents true equality

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“Adam and Eve is the greatest lie ever told. We were all female in the womb. So the male is made from the female, not the other way round. Always. Systemic inequality in law, religion and society is not just morally wrong, it’s Bronze Age, batshit crazy, and science disproves its basis. We must accept that our foundation stories are mostly lies. Or misogyny, the deluded punishment of all women for what Eve did in a story, will remain acceptable in most human societies.”

– Gary J Byrnes, March 2020.

Adam and Eve? Really? The very idea of a God creating a single, male human and placing him in paradise. Then, seeing that the first man, Adam, was bored, God took a piece of Adam that he could do without, a rib. From this rib, he made Eve. Eve was then tempted by a serpent to eat fruit from the only tree in the Garden of Eden that was forbidden. The poor old apple. God got upset at this, amazingly not having seen it coming, and cast Adam and Eve out of paradise and onto this old rock. Crazy? Obviously. But a lot of people take this literally. Really. The only way to stop people believing this nonsense is to forbid it from being taught to our children. That means in schools, even religious ones, and also in churches. The religious might be offended by this, but we have to balance freedom of expression with hate speech.

Adam and Eve is hate speech

And that’s what the Adam and Eve story is. It’s hateful, and it’s designed to keep females in their place.

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Image credits

The Creation of Adam depicted on the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo, 1508-1512 by Michelangelo Buonarroti – [1], Public Domain,

The Woman, the Man, and the Serpent by Byam Shaw, 1911

Gary J Byrnes

By Gary J Byrnes

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