420 + Earth Day = Hempoffset

You should never give a joint/weed/reefer to a dolphin. Dank memes for disturbing times In these trying times, haven’t we found some solace in memes, GIFs, reels and TikToks? In a way, where we are now with the internet is the golden age of self-expression. There are multiple, new digital art forms taking shape, then…… Continue reading 420 + Earth Day = Hempoffset

Why Ireland should legalise cannabis in 2021

Is weed (AKA marijuana or cannabis) legal in Ireland? In a word, no. Medical cannabis is becoming more widely accepted as having value for many patients, and access is slowly being relaxed. We’re still waiting for recreational cannabis legalisation. You can share your opinions on whether cannabis/weed/marijuana should be made legal in Ireland by taking…… Continue reading Why Ireland should legalise cannabis in 2021