How you can help achieve all 17 UN Global Goals

The Global Goals are not luxurious No poverty or hunger. Human beings literally not starving to death in certain parts of the world. Clean water. A toilet. These are not lofty or utopian goals. These are things that should already be. And the UN Global Goals are all about giving everybody on Earth equal rights.… Continue reading How you can help achieve all 17 UN Global Goals

Adam and Eve: The greatest lie prevents true equality

“Adam and Eve is the greatest lie ever told. We were all female in the womb. So the male is made from the female, not the other way round. Always. Systemic inequality in law, religion and society is not just morally wrong, it’s Bronze Age, batshit crazy, and science disproves its basis. We must accept that our foundation stories are mostly lies. Or misogyny, the deluded punishment of all women for what Eve did in a story, will remain acceptable in most human societies.”

– Gary J Byrnes, March 2020.