How Dublin can eliminate traffic congestion, reduce GHG emissions and cut stress

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The sad irony of traffic congestion and stress

The sad irony of sitting in Dublin’s morning traffic congestion is that we are causing the unnecessary emission of tons of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHG) while making ourselves miserable. It’s clearly a lose/lose situation. Just look at the EPA’s (Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency):

Improving economic conditions are directly linked to GHG emissions from transport, as this graph from the EPA perfectly illustrates.

Here are 3 ways to cut morning traffic congestion, stress and unnecessary GHG emissions in Dublin

1. Free school transport

Here’s the deal: morning traffic congestion in Dublin is world-class nasty. Except for the three months of June, July and August. All schools are closed in July and August. In June, just secondary schools are closed. This leads to the conclusion that secondary school children being driven to school, in cars that would not otherwise be on the road, is the key cause of morning rush hour congestion in Dublin.

Let’s give FREE public transport to all schoolchildren, all day, Monday to Friday.

Let’s reconsider school hours. Research has proven that teenagers are genetically designed to rise later, so why do they have to start school when everyone else is starting work?

2. No bullshit on traffic routes

A bin lorry stops traffic to collect rubbish, Dublin, 8.30am.

You really need to empty those bins into your truck at 8.30am, so you block the road for everybody? No, you don’t.

You really think you can park on a double yellow at a junction to make that urgent delivery of plastic bags to that shop? No you can’t.

You really think that just because you’re ‘a builder’ that you can arrange for all your sand and gravel and shit to be delivered at 8am? Fuck no.

The Garda traffic division needs to clamp down on bullshit route blockers during peak hours.

3. Joined-up thinking meets vision

Are the people behind the disastrous Bus Connect plan (a Dublin scheme that wants to bulldoze neighbourhoods for dedicated bus lanes that might see a bus every 15 minutes) talking with the people planning new cycling infrastructure? Are Dublin Bikes (a city bike rental scheme) talking with rail operators so that bike supply always meets demand at obvious places like rail stations? Are the new app-based bike and scooter rental businesses talking to anybody else? Can we just build a hyperloop from the west coast to Dublin city centre so people can live cheaply in wide open spaces and commute to work in 10 minutes?

Where’s the vision? What do we want our cities to be? What matters most and why? Without a clear vision and a connected approach to resolving transport problems, we will continue to get stressed out every single morning from September to May, needlessly producing GHGs, damaging our atmosphere and health.

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Irish Times report on the sources and trends in Ireland’s GHG emissions:

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