Purer tap water can cut our bottled water obsession

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Bottled water market worth $305 billion a year

Think about how heavy water is. Now imagine the amount of energy that must be used in transporting it from source to your home. Our bottled water often comes from halfway around the world. And it’s expensive. But what about the mains taps in our homes? How come so many of us don’t want to drink tap water, even though it’s cheaper and so much better for the environment?

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Bottled water also generates a lot of plastic waste.

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Statista: Bottled water market value

Passenger jet CO2 emissions and global warming

Air travel is responsible for 2% of the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with carbon dioxide (CO2) gas the main constituent. Aircraft emissions also have additional, negative effects because the waste gases are released directly into the upper atmosphere. Planes typically fly at 35,000 feet (over 6 miles/10 km) and the type of aircraft, the kind of flight and the load factor (how many passengers are on board compared to capacity) have a big impact on the emission profile. So, a full, long-haul flight has a greatly reduced impact on the atmosphere per passenger than a half-full, short-haul flight.

European airlines are already feeling the impact of a growing movement called flight shaming, or flygskam in Swedish. German airlines have reported an astonishing 12% drop in domestic flight passenger numbers in November 2019 (source: ADV industry group), compared to a year earlier and airlines in Sweden and other countries have also been affected. Teenage activist Greta Thunberg has helped to draw attention to the climate impact of flight when travelling by boat and train. When you consider Europe’s mostly excellent rail network and the pain and anxiety that are integral to the air travel experience (helped along by airports, security, terrorism, the Boeing 737 MAX fiasco), it’s likely that short-haul flights in Europe will become much less popular in time. Alexandre de Juniac, head of IATA, urged carriers to better communicate what they’re doing to reduce emissions, warning: “We expect anti-flying sentiment to grow and spread.”

Read more about CO2 and air travel, and try out our handy flight CO2 offset calculator

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