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If you have any problems using this site, or our marketplace at https://readathriller.myshopify.com/ please email hello@readathriller.com in the first instance. We promise to do our very best to help, and quickly.

We’re here to partner with you so that we can save the world from climate change together.

Readathriller customer charter

We’re working for a fairer, more equal, and sustainable world for all humankind. These are our core values, and they power everything that we do. We are building a new kind of capitalism, one where the market and currency meet the needs of human beings, not the other way round.

We will source high quality, good value products, that use hemp and/or contribute to a sustainable lifestyle, and offer these products on our easy-to-use marketplace. Our aim is to stop climate change by planting hemp for every purchase from our marketplace, and this will be our overriding objective.

We will work with our customers, partners and suppliers to source and product new and innovative products for sale on our marketplace.

We will partner with other suppliers, affiliates and retailers to offer more products, where our partners have the same brand values and unite behind our platform goal of stopping climate change.

We will work with our partners and suppliers to limit CO2 emissions, to minimise and eliminate single-use plastics, and to offer sustainable business opportunities around the world.

Values really matter at Readathriller, and we promise to do our best to live by our stated values, to constantly rethink everything, to aim for better every day.

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