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Kids’ books and learning to read

I can’t stress the importance of books for kids. I’m a huge fan of the works of Roald Dahl, but there are few other writers who even come close to his ability. So I decided to write some books for my own kids, and to publish them for everyone who sees the value in engaging children’s books that are also designed to be fun for the bedtime reader, e.g. me.

Mylie’s Alphabet Adventure at the Zoo

This book is great for learning the alphabet and building vocabulary. The ideal book for kids who are pre-school, kindergarten, or being introduced to English as a second language.

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Childhood thrills with the Witch Grannies

The Witch Grannies stories are thrillers for tiny hands – read them in the dark, ideally under your duvet with a flashlight!

The Case of the Evil Schoolmaster

A thrilling children’s novel, which is set in Ireland and perfect for anyone aged 8 to 12 who’s just discovered the joy of reading exciting fiction, but appeals to all ages. Meet Emily and Malcolm two kids that have been sent to stay with their grannies down the country. Boring! But their rickety train journey to sleepy Castleconnell in Ireland takes a decidedly nasty turn and they find themselves up to their necks in trouble.

See, there’s an evil presence on the train, an evil presence that’s been making trouble for the local youngsters. And now he needs another kid for his schemes.

Emily and Malcolm are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Thankfully, their grannies are on hand to sort things out.

Oh, and their grannies are witches…

The Case of the Lonely Banshee

Emily’s witch grannies have whisked her away in the night, to the village of Castleconnell in the west of Ireland. The River Shannon is home to a banshee and she’s collecting souls, including Emily’s witch sister, Edna.

The witches must race against time to find the banshee’s lair and free the trapped souls.

But there is an even bigger threat to the river and all her inhabitants. Can the Salmon of Knowledge guide the witches to the nasty trio who plan to use deadly poison in their search for gold? Can they save the river?

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