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We’re building a new kind of ecommerce marketplace, one with sustainability at its heart, equality between buyers and sellers, and where success will look like actually stopping climate change.

No matter who you are or where you live, you can be part of this thrilling story! Just fill out the form, and let us know what you can do to help! Time’s running out, so do it now!

I want to invest in is currently open for seed investment by angel investors, equity funds and ethical investors. We’re building a new kind of ecommerce platform, in a fast-growing market, and with win/win outcomes. Our aim is to make a unicorn within 5 years. Get in touch now.

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To grow this project at scale so that we can stop climate change, we need to partner with companies, NGOs, governments, communities and individuals all over the world. If you want to grow with us, reach out today.

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We need the world’s best developers in HTML, to build a new kind of ecommerce and content platform, using open source code, Ruby, Liquid and more. Tell us what you can do! We also need UX designers who live for the customer experience, and brand and design gurus who want to help create the most powerful sustainability brand ever known. Operations and customer success are critical to our success, as we grow through partnerships, working to unite buyers and sellers all over the world, while making everybody’s lives better. And we also need great storytellers, as we will use our story, and the stories of our partners and customers, to cut through the noise and disinformation that’s put out by those who continue to profit from our planet’s destruction. Get in touch today!

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Browse our growing selection of sustainable products on our marketplace here. Every purchase funds a hemp plant, absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. Tell your friends, share our links, and check back often as we’re adding new products all the time! It would also be really helpful if you could complete our survey.

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We want the Readathriller marketplace to be THE web destination for everybody, everywhere, who wants to buy useful and sustainable products, while actively stopping climate change. If you have a product to sell and a story to tell, get in touch right away. We take a win/win approach, in building true partnerships with suppliers and buyers all over the world, and any supplier that is aligned with our brand values is welcome to join our platform. Email now, telling us about you, and with details of your products:

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Check out this cool website that wants to save the world from climate change:
Buy hemp and sustainable goods from this new marketplace and you will actually help stop climate change:

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