It’s Blade Runner month, November 2019, live it

Be the pebble, make some ripples

But it’s so 90s


In the novel, Rick Deckard is sent to track down replicants in San Francisco – in 1992. The book was written around 1967 by Philip K Dick, and had one of the best titles ever: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 1992 was 25 years ahead of the time of writing.

When Ridley Scott directed the ubiquitous, sci-fi noir drama, Blade Runner, in Los Angeles in 1982, the location was changed to LA, and the date to November 2019. 2019 sounded so next century in 1982, a whopping 37 years ahead in real-time, and 27 years later than the book’s setting. It’s all enough to give anyone a Philip K Dick-sized headache!

JR phone home

Blade Runner made a profound impact on all who witnessed it in a cinema on first release, this writer included. But it did not dominate pop culture. 1982 was the year of E.T., Dallas, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Magnum P.I., Jane Fonda’s Workout and Maggie Thatcher. Then a lot of stuff happened, including things not imagined in the book or the movie, like smartphones and the internet*. And here we are, in Blade Runner month, finally. Both the movie and the book now rank at or near the top of all-time best lists and Blade Runner has become part both of our vocabulary and of the fabric of popular culture.

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*In the novel, Deckard gets the news on a little machine called a homeopape, an internet-style device.

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