202020! How to save with 20% discounts and save the planet

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Take a 20% discount off everything in our store

20% off everything in our store until 11:30 pm, December 31 2020, when you need to stop shopping for fabulous items and get some Champagne. So you can now get super gifts for yourself, or share the love, with 202020 awesomeness. Every sale means hemp planted, so you’re also helping to save the planet. Discount applied at checkout, on orders of €10 and over, just contact us if you need any help.

202020! Check out our branded items, available only from our store

Our bestselling COVID-19 SUCKS BALLS t-shirt and our 2020 BE LIKE THE SCREAM mug are just two of our unique, print-on-demand products that will make superb gifts this holiday season. Use our 202020 discounts on these unique products and get them in time for the holidays. Our print-on-demand items are produced and shipped only when ordered, which greatly reduces waste. These items do incur a shipping fee. Many of our sustainable lifestyle items, such as our bestselling bamboo toothbrush, are drop shipped for free. This means that they are sent to you direct from our suppliers, who are mostly in Asia, as this is where most of the world’s sustainable items are produced. Our drop shipped items have free shipping by surface mail. This means they have a much smaller carbon footprint, but they will take longer to reach you.

Hemp is the answer to climate change

Until we get our act together and stop adding greenhouse gases like CO2 to the atmosphere, we need to offset our emissions. The best and easiest way to do this is by planting hemp. An acre of hemp will absorb 10 tons of CO2 from the air in just one season. We plant hemp for every sale, so you win, the planet wins, everyone wins. Share this great news and roll on 2021!

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Read our FAQ on hemp and climate change.

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