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Carol Keogh is funding the finishing of two albums under her solo project name, The Wicc. With the funds raised she will invest in next level recording equipment that will enable her to finish this work to a high fidelity standard. 

Introducing the Wicc-id Woman (of Wexford) 

Over the past 12 months or so, Keogh has been feverishly writing and recording, every free day in a rural house in Wexford. Her project name The Wicc arrived on the back of the strange modern folk tales and murder ballads that began writing themselves in that environment. 

The two collections draw a correlation between the mistreatment and subjugation of women and humankind’s relationship with the earth, but through the prism of folk storytelling. 

Carol Keogh, The Wicc, and The Wolf Chronicles

The plan is to release one of the two albums Lupercalia in February 2020, with the second to follow shortly after. Both albums together will comprise The Wolf Chronicles (Parts 1 and 2). There is the possibility of a Part 3 birthing itself at a later time. 

In addition to recording, Carol Keogh has also started making her own short films/videos and will be looking at setting up a subscription service (which will be free to funders) to deliver other media and extra audio content. You can check out The Wicc’s fab videos on Instagram here.

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