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Free ebooks to help you get through the pandemic

Times are tough, shit even. One of the best things we can do to get through this is to read great stories, ideally as free ebooks that are great for the planet and great for your mind. We can also be kinder to each other, do some good, imagine what the world could be like if we didn’t mindlessly participate in an economic system that chews up the planet, spits out crap we don’t actually need, and imprisons us all in debt slavery. So here’s a small step towards something better.

Download all these ebook bestsellers for free right now

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Pet (Dystopian short)

Future Shocks (Quantum fiction, three shorts)

Fake Times (Blog posts 2014 – 2018)

United Hates (Nazi conspiracy thriller)

Ireland Trilogy (Three edgy shorts)

History Trilogy (Three shorts)

Pure Mad – The Author’s Cut (Dagger Award nominated, Irish crime thriller)

The God Virus (International conspiracy thriller)

The Death of Osama bin Laden – An Alternative History (War thriller)

The Writer (Historical short)

The Writer and Other Stories (Short story collection)

9/11 Trilogy (Global number one bestseller, three shorts)

Thriller Box Set (Three full-length thrillers in one handy download)

Blitzkrieg Ireland 2016 (Conspiracy short)

Golem (WW2 short)

The X-Games (Sci-fi short)

Tuesday (War short)

Vampire Story (Horror short)

For children…

Witch Grannies (Supernatural thriller)

Witch Grannies 2 (Supernatural thriller)

Mylie’s Alphabet Adventure – At the Zoo (First reader)

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Now it’s your turn. We make it easy for you to publish your stories. Here’s how…

You’ve always wanted to get your book published, but you just never had the time, right? So, now that we’re in a pandemic and can’t do shit, you feel that this is your moment? Good for you! So let’s get your writing out into the world! First question: Have you actually written a decent story? What’s keeping you? Let’s do this!

We’re hardwired to listen to and to tell stories. Our love of stories is both humanity’s blessing and our curse. It’s our blessing because stories have helped us to communicate at scale and to share wisdom more effectively. It’s our curse because stories make us easier to control. Think religion, dictatorships, political manifestos, ads for things we don’t need.

The self-publishing revolution has opened up publishing to everyone. In just the past decade, we have been given free tools that allow us to share our stories with billions of people. This is the most radical change in publishing since Gutenberg (printing press, 1440) and has enabled success stories such as 50 Shades of Grey, which started out as a self-published title. Getting your book out into the world might just connect you with literary agents and publishers, but the real joy is the guarantee that you will connect with readers. Here’s how…