Earth Day Quiz – Nature is us and we are nature

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Earth Day Quiz, take it today!

We believe that Earth Day is every day, and that nature is not simply a resource to be exploited. Nature is us and we are nature.

Earth Day 2022 is Friday, April 22, so join the celebration, take action, and take our Earth Quiz to see how much you know about the challenges facing our fabulous planet.

There are 10 questions. When you submit your answers, you’ll get to see all the correct answers, plus your score. If you enjoy our Earth Quiz, please share it out, then take action! Good luck!

Welcome to our Earth Day Quiz

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Approximately how old is planet Earth?


Approximately how many species of living things become extinct every single day?


In which country was the first Earth Day held, on 22 April, 1970?


Humans have produced about 8 billion tons of plastic since 1950. How much of this has been recycled?


Which country creates the most plastic waste each year?


Bitcoin mining consumes as much electricity as…


Which country produces the most oil?


Which country/bloc emits most CO2?


The goal of the global Paris Climate Agreement, which was signed in 2015, was to prevent the world’s temperature from rising more than how many degrees Celsius over pre-industrial times?


Which industry uses the most plastic, also generating the most plastic waste?

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