Will the US and UN deschedule cannabis? Top 5 reasons why they did


UPDATE, 04 Dec 20: Both said yes!

At a meeting of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND), to be held in Vienna, 2-4 December 2020, the UN will vote on a WHO (World Health Organisation) recommendation to remove cannabis from its list of illegal narcotics. While largely symbolic, such a move would make it easier for nations everywhere to decriminalise and legalise cannabis, especially for medical use.

Meanwhile, the US House of Representatives will vote this week on the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act. The legalisation bill seeks to end cannabis prohibition by removing the plant from the list of federally-controlled substances. It will also expunge (delete from legal records) prior cannabis convictions, and establish a tax on sales to fund reinvestments into the communities most negatively affected by the failed war on drugs.

Here are our top 5 reasons why the US and the UN need to act now, and act decisively in favour of descheduling cannabis…

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Who’s next to legalize cannabis? Are you ready to stand up?


Americans don’t just choose a new President on November 3, 2020, they also vote to legalize cannabis

Will 5 more US states legalize cannabis soon? Currently, 33 US states have legalized medical cannabis and 11 states have legalized cannabis for adult recreational use. On the November ballot, 5 states will put cannabis legalization to the vote. Arizona, New Jersey and Montana will have recreational cannabis use up for legalization. South Dakota will have both medical and recreational use on the ballot, while Mississippi puts legalization of medical cannabis use to the people. These votes could push America to the tipping point, where federal legalization becomes unstoppable, ending the current potential for conflict between state and federal law.

UPDATE, 27 Nov 2020: All cannabis liberalization measures passed in the Nov 2020 US Election, in Arizona, New Jersey, Montana, South Dakota and Mississippi. Meanwhile, Oregon decriminalized all drugs, the first part of the US to do so.

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How to build Utopia: Goodbye nostalgia, hello future!


Nationalism and nostalgia are evolutionary dead ends

One positive from the pandemic struck me today. We’ve changed. We are focused on the future, the promise of a vaccine, the chance to enjoy and appreciate the things we took for granted just months ago. Think back, think about Trump and his MAGA desire to return to the 1950s. Think Brexit and the Conservatives’ fantasy of a return to the 1930s. Think about all the deluded nationalists around the world. They all want to take us backwards, to some imagined older, ‘better’ time. These are all bankrupt ideologies. But there is a better way…

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Hemp plant FAQ, climate change, CBD, THC, cannabis


What is a hemp plant, what does it look like, climate change, CBD, THC, cannabis FAQ

The hemp plant is beautiful and so versatile. There’s a lot of confusion around hemp, cannabis, the uses of these plants, hemp offset, and the hemp plant’s potential impact on climate change. So we’ve put this handy FAQ together for you. Enjoy and share!

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Ireland decriminalises drug possession – a positive step towards cannabis legalisation


You can still go to jail for possessing personal cannabis

A new policy approach towards possession of illegal drugs for personal use in Ireland was announced by Minister for Health Simon Harris, Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan and Minister of State for the National Drugs Strategy Catherine Byrne, in Dublin on 2 August 2019.

The policy has a three strike approach:

  1. Being caught in possession of any drug for personal use, including cannabis, heroin and cocaine, will first be referred to health professionals.
  2. A second offence will result in a caution (warning) from police.
  3. A third personal possession offence will give you a day in court, a criminal record and even prison. Gulp.

Minister Harris said: “This approach will not decriminalise drug use; it is a mechanism to defer people to health and social services for help and support. Ministers Flanagan, Byrne and I are very clear that there are no plans to legalise any type of drugs, including cannabis.”

Readathriller hopes that the Irish Government is being deliberately cagey about legalisation of cannabis so the conservative forces in Ireland aren’t woken from slumber while the country quietly pursues aggressive social reform. Because, even though this is a positive step, the reality is that if a police officer sees you smoking a particular plant three times, then you can be sent to prison. That doesn’t sound fair, does it?

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Press release from Irish Department of Health: https://health.gov.ie/blog/press-release/ministers-harris-flanagan-and-byrne-announce-health-led-approach-to-the-possession-of-drugs-for-personal-use/

Full coverage of this story from RTE: https://www.rte.ie/news/crime/2019/0802/1066588-drug-offences-courts/

Check out our post on why Ireland should legalise cannabis (a lot has happened since we published this, just a few weeks ago!).

Read about Ireland’s recent legalisation of medical cannabis.


Medical cannabis legalised in Ireland


Ireland to offer medical benefits of cannabis

Irish health minister, Simon Harris, made history on Wednesday, 26 June 2019, when he signed medical cannabis into law in Ireland. Patients should start receiving legal cannabis supplies in the autumn. Here’s what the programme looks like:

  • Patients with epilepsy, chemotherapy-derived nausea and multiple sclerosis, who have not responded to existing treatments, will be the first to benefit.
  • Ireland will source cannabis from European suppliers to begin with, but the State may look at growing medical cannabis in Ireland.
  • Patients will obtain doctor-prescribed cannabis through pharmacies, and existing State supports will cover cannabis also.
  • The programme will run on a pilot basis for five years.

Readathriller welcomes this development, and expects the medical benefits of cannabis to be verified and quantified under this programme. We call on the Irish Government to consider the legalisation of cannabis for recreational purposes.

Learn more

Readathriller’s case for legalisation of cannabis in Ireland: https://www.readathriller.com/thriller/how-we-can-stop-irelands-drug-war-slaughter-legalise-and-control-cannabis/

Irish Times report on Ireland’s medical cannabis story: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/legislation-allowing-limited-access-to-medical-cannabis-signed-1.3938096

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How to stop drug war slaughter in Ireland: Legalise and control cannabis


Ireland a bastion of liberal humanism? You think?

You’d think, wouldn’t you, that Ireland is a bastion of liberal humanism, not at all isolated and insular out there on Europe’s western fringe, but a cosmopolitan, secular, fun place to be. You think? Nah. Ireland is still very conservative, unimaginative and a ‘nanny state’. When we take a mature approach to the legalisation and control of cannabis, then we’ll start to grow up.

A sign in St Stephen’s Green, Dublin. Take it literally.
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