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The world can and will be better soon. To deal with the coronavirus we need to minimise infections by social distancing, until the vaccine is produced and widely available. And the news is good, with curve-flattening measures working, and a vaccine formula innovated, just this week. Longer-term, people should be discouraged from eating wild animals, or animals from unhygienic markets. This is to ensure that Covid-19’s cousin doesn’t come along next. We’d need a new vaccine for that.

So let’s rethink how we do things, while recognising that the future is ours to build. Check out some of these three amazing things that will help shape your fabulous future. Ways to grow, cash to be won, and some beautiful news. Share the love and share your own great tips! Check back here often for more good news, or sign up for post alerts!

1. Give Back – Directory of free products/services available during COVID-19

Great list of free courses, resources and positive, human stuff. Ireland focus but plenty of global goodies. Constantly updated:

Check this site for How to get published by bestselling author, and founder of Readathriller, Gary J Byrnes.

2. RTE short story competition, win three grand, free to enter

To enter, you have to be Irish or living in Ireland. (If that’s not you, sorry, don’t shoot the messenger!) You can still publish your writing, for free, at Closes 8 May 2020:

3. Beautiful News tells the good news stories, beautifully

Simple, powerful designs (see header image of this post!), and a neverending river of good news make this site worth a regular visit. And sign up for the newsletter:

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