420 + Earth Day = Hempoffset

Be the pebble, make some ripples
You should never give a joint/weed/reefer to a dolphin.

Dank memes for disturbing times

In these trying times, haven’t we found some solace in memes, GIFs, reels and TikToks? In a way, where we are now with the internet is the golden age of self-expression. There are multiple, new digital art forms taking shape, then changing into something else at lightspeed.

420 earth day-uranus

420 is a powerful signal of change

With New York, Virginia and Mexico legalizing cannabis, the rush to tax a booming, global industry will only accelerate. Expect more Asian countries to follow Thailand’s charge into medical cannabis, and for movement, at last, in Europe. Maybe France will be next to legalise cannabis? Or Britain or Ireland?

What’s key is that a more relaxed attitude towards cannabis has the effect of liberating the hemp market. There are no more worries around levels of THC or CBD in an industrial hemp crop. Fear that their crop will be impounded is enough to put off millions of growers.

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Earth Day is more important in 2021 than ever

We have a fabulous opportunity to rethink the world, to recreate how we live. The global economy is a Ponzi scheme built on oil and war, colonialism and slavery. It’s on the life support of central banks printing money like there’s no tomorrow, but without any of the fundamentals being challenged. The rich really are getting richer during this unprecedented crisis. Aviation, hospitality, hair, tourism, retail. So many industries wiped out.

We can build back better, but we need people and planet at the centre of what the new world looks like. We could end up in a 1984-style forever war between USA, Russia and China, while surveillance states and a dozen apps monitor every breath we take, and our liberties have been stripped away. It could be argued that we’re there already. Yikes.

420 earth day-stupid

420 + Earth Day = Hempoffset!

In uniting the cannabis sativa plant with the movement to save our world from climate catastrophe and ecological meltdown, we have a clear vision of a way to stop the nightmare. And working with growers, processors and communities all over the world is how we’ll do it.

A better, fairer world really is possible. We just have to want it enough.

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