Celebrate 3 steps forward: Northern Ireland, Canada and Israel

Be the pebble, make some ripples

Let’s celebrate every win in this all-out, global conflict between good and evil. We’ve just had three good news stories, from Northern Ireland, Canada and Israel.

  1. Northern Ireland legalises marriage equality and women’s reproductive rights. Following the Republic of Ireland’s recently-embraced social liberalism, Northern Ireland at last advances socially. The super-conservative DUP has lost its creationist grip and has also failed to derail Brexit.
  2. Canada’s liberal leader wins re-election. Justin Trudeau did some dumb things in his life, but who didn’t? He is best-placed to reconcile Canada’s fossil fuel-exporting status with a sustainable future.
  3. Israeli voters shift away from religious extremists. Netanyahu has failed to muster enough right wing, religious support so the ball was taken away from him. His election campaign’s big idea was to seize more Palestinian land, making peace virtually impossible. It’s good to know that the Israeli electorate thought that a bad idea.

So remember to focus on the big prize: saving the planet’s temporary residents from collective suicide. We have to overcome oil-sodden dictators, religious zealots and soulless corporations. But a fair and sustainable world is a vision we believe is worth fighting for. So celebrate each win. Then work towards the next.

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Photo by Sarah Reid via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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By Gary J Byrnes

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