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Our world-changing, new project is Hempoffset – carbon offset made easy. Our value exchange platform is now live at so check it out now!


Hemp is the most effective plant at absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, at 5-10 metric tons per acre, in one season. A tree can take 40 years to achieve its carbon-absorbing potential, but hemp can give two crops a year in hot climates. We aim to plant one billion acres of hemp worldwide each year, to absorb 10 gigatons of CO2, about a quarter of global emissions. This will stop the global temperature increase from going above 2C, or even 1.5C. Our hemp crops will be used to replace oil and plastic, and also to build hempcrete 3D-printed houses for everyone on Earth.


Our platform links people who want to offset their CO2 emissions with hemp growers all over the world, making it easy for people in wealthy countries to fund the planting and growing of the crop, often in developing countries, in return for carbon credits. The hemp grower can then sell the crop on our platform, to a processor who searches for crops on the platform. The end products can also be sold on the platform back to the consumer.ย 


We will build a new circular economy around plants and love, as an alternative to our current economic model based on oil and war. And we’re also competing to win XPRIZE CARBON REMOVAL.

We’re getting a team of climate heroes together and we need you

Time’s running out, but things are looking up. The US has committed to 50% emissions reduction by 2030, China has committed to net-zero emissions by 2050, and the European Union is getting more ambitious with its emissions reduction targets. But it’s still not enough.

Hempoffset will buy the planet time

So we’re building a new technology platform that will make it easy for people all over the world to calculate their CO2 emissions, then fund hemp to be planted to offset those emissions. Better still, we will reward our offsetters, by sharing the value created when the hemp crop is turned into high-value consumer products, including housing, fuels, plastics, CBD and foods. Hemp is the most efficient plant at absorbing CO2, with one acre removing up to 10 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in just a few months. Read our hemp FAQ for more.

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