Witch Grannies, get a free thriller ebook for kids aged 8 – 12


Inspired by Roald Dahl

Let’s get one thing straight: Roald Dahl rocks. He was an amazing writer, so good that, reading his stories to my children (for about the past twenty years, one child after another), I would often keep reading long after my precious audience was sound asleep. Whenever we reach the end of Mr Dahl’s sadly finite collection, we try other writers. And they mostly fail (David Walliams is the exception, a talented writer who gets children).

So I was inspired to write my own stories for children, designed to be as much a pleasure for the adult reader, as for the intended audience. Witch Grannies, The Case of the Evil Schoolmaster was my first, followed by Witch Grannies, The Case of the Lonely Banshee. The stories are very, very Irish, taking some of the ancient lore that we typically get from our grannies, adding a dash of the vernacular, then mixing everything up in a surreal, magical blender.

I hope that you enjoy this taste of my writing for kids, with the first Witch Grannies available for free, right now, in every ebook format. And if this inspires you to go and write your own story? (Gasps.) I have succeeded in everything. Thank you!

Find the Witch Grannies ebook for free on iTunes here.

Find the Witch Grannies ebook for free, in any format, on Smashwords here.

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