Hemp absorbs 10 tons of CO2 per acre – let’s plant enough hemp to stop climate change

Don’t listen to climate change deniers

Whatever the deniers may claim, the devastating fires in California are a result of climate change. Carbon dioxide is the biggest problem in climate change. We produce it by burning coal, petrol and gas in electricity production and transportation. Agriculture is another big source of CO2, as are deforestation and cement production. The CO2 that’s released by human activities helps to warm up the atmosphere. This is called the greenhouse effect, and CO2 and other contributing gases, such as methane, are called greenhouse gases, GHGs. A warmer atmosphere has more energy, which unsettles weather patterns and causes more severe weather events. Hurricanes, droughts, forest fires, ice storms are all caused by our GHG emissions.

12 years to save the world

If we don’t curb the global rise in temperatures to 2 degrees C, we go past the tipping point and risk extinction as a species. At current rates, we’ll pass the 2C increase by 2030. We have 12 years to save the world.

We can stop climate change dead in its tracks

We emitted 53.5 gigatons of CO2 in 2017. Global emissions need to be 25% lower than this figure by 2030 in order to limit warming to 2 degrees Celsius. Our planet actually steps up and absorbs about half of that, in oceans and forests (go you, Earth!). To absorb the rest, we’ll need to plant around 670 million acres of hemp. If that sounds like a lot, it actually isn’t. We need hemp growing on around 5% of agricultural land around the world. And because hemp thrives in poor soil (improving the soil in the process!), we can find new places to grow it. By planting enough hemp we can absorb all the CO2 that the human race produces, so we stop global warming dead. We can and will do this.

thco2.com will make this happen

Stay tuned to this blog for thco2.com, a new planet-saving platform coming in 2019. Are you ready to help save planet Earth?



Malibu forest fire over LAX. Photo by Gary J Byrnes, 9 November, 2018.


Main sources of CO2 emissions: https://www.che-project.eu/news/main-sources-carbon-dioxide-emissions

Gigaton  = one billion metric tons


Agricultural land = 50 million square km


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