Can the European Union embrace hemp, to lead in a fracturing world?

This is a thriller and you are the key character

Climate change is real and it will destroy us. We are living in the greatest thriller story of all time, and the future of humanity is at stake.

On one side stand the few. The old money, the fossil fuel billionaires, the arms manufacturers, the nationalists and the selfish.

But on this side, your side, are the many, the decent people of Earth who want nothing more than a fair, dignified and sustainable humanity. It’s time to stand up and fight for what’s right. While it’s easy to point at and criticise the almost unbelievable stupidity that passes for civilisation much of the time, it’s better to imagine and then build a way out of this mess.


So that’s what Readathriller.com will do. Read the story, become the story. Buy your hemp and sustainable lifestyle products from our online marketplace and we’ll plant a hemp plant for every sale. If we can plant just 5% of the world’s agricultural land with hemp, we will stop climate change before the 1.5C increase that could destroy everything.

Gary J Byrnes is the founder. He’s a bestselling thriller writer, tech sector veteran and hemp advocate, and he lives in Dublin, Ireland. This project’s mission is to make the world better, through stories and an online value exchange marketplace that crowdfunds a solution to climate change.

First, read this thriller. Then be the thriller.

This project supports the UN Global Goals.

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We have less than 12 years to save the world, by preventing global temperature rise exceeding 2 degrees Celsius. If you’re not ready to commit right away, that’s fine. Keep in touch and we’ll wait for you.

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Gary J Byrnes books on iTunes and Amazon

Readathriller was founded by thriller writer, Gary J Byrnes. If you buy any of Gary’s books on iTunes, Amazon, Smashwords, or almost any other ebook platform, you will also fund the planting of a hemp plant by the Readathriller platform. Everybody wins, including all of humanity and this awesome planet.

Print books are available via Amazon’s print-on-demand service. This means that a book is printed only when ordered. This is much better for the environment than traditional book publishing, where around 80% of all printed books end up being unsold and pulped.

Digital books are also highly beneficial to the environment.

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Why Readathriller matters

Readathriller.com matters because if we don’t step up, the world will be destroyed by a handful of selfish people. Why don’t all businesses do something? Why doesn’t every ecommerce marketplace care about sustainability? Why, indeed.

We’re different. We care about our world.

And it’s too beautiful to let go without a fight.

So, why don’t you help us? Share on social. Tell your friends and family. Browse our hemp and sustainable marketplace. For every purchase, we plant hemp. When we plant enough hemp, we absorb enough CO2 to stop climate change.

That’s why.

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Time’s running out fast! Shop now!

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Human existence is all about contact.

Don’t be afraid. Smile. Say something. Do something.

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